Marketing is a tricky thing to define. The only way to do it well is by understanding what marketing was and how it works in the real world, not just in theory. But let’s start with an easy one: no plan. There is no such thing as a marketing plan for your business, because there isn’t one way to market your product or service—there are thousands of ways! It all comes down to finding something that works for your company and then executing on it consistently over time. Buy Spotify plays to get more followings on Spotify. 

Marketing isn’t about words.

It’s about the experience, and how you can help your customer have an amazing one. The product is the hero, but your customers are the heroes too—they’re what make everything happen!

Businesses talk, people listen.

The truth is, people don’t want to be sold to. They want to be entertained and informed. And they’ll listen more than they’ll buy if you show them that you’re making an effort with your product or service.

The good news is that there’s no need for a marketing plan when it comes to telling stories about yourself as a business owner—you already know who you are and what makes your brand unique! It’s all in how we communicate with others through words and images that matter most: our branding efforts should focus on creating an emotional connection with potential customers rather than just selling them on some lofty concept like “awareness,” because at the end of day, consumers don’t care about awareness; they want something tangible (like an awesome shirt).

Marketing is relatively easy.

Marketing is about what you do, not what you say. It’s more of a creative process than an analytical one, and it’s less about having a plan than being able to adapt as circumstances change over time. The best marketers aren’t afraid of failure or risk—they learn from their mistakes and move on with a clear understanding of what works for them as individuals and businesses in their industry (or niche).

Marketing won’t help, but great products will

The question to ask yourself is: What kind of marketer are you? If you’re someone who likes to do marketing, then this post isn’t for you. You probably have some basic skills in the field and can think about how to use them to your advantage. However, if your goal is simply to get people talking about what you’ve done—and not necessarily buying from or paying attention to what you’re doing—then this isn’t going to be helpful at all. The idea here is that even if marketing was able

to get people talking about your business (and it probably couldn’t), there’s no guarantee that those conversations would lead anywhere good enough for anyone else besides yourself!

Building a better product is more important than marketing.

In the early stages of building your product, you should focus on building a better product. Marketing is important—don’t get me wrong—but it will take longer to build and market than it will for you to make your first sale. Once you have a product in the market and are selling it profitably, then marketing can begin.

If you don’t have any customers yet, don’t worry about marketing! Your goal is not to get people into the door (which requires advertising) but rather to find those who are looking for what you provide and convince them that they’d like what they’re seeing so much that they’ll buy it from you instead of someone else. This means finding ways to communicate with potential customers directly without spending money on advertising campaigns or other methods that might cost too much money up front while providing little benefit over time spent planning these efforts properly beforehand though perhaps even after those efforts have been completed successfully.”


We’ve seen that there are many people who think that marketing is the only way to sell a product. But they’re wrong. Marketing can help you get your name out there, but it’s not going to make or break sales. The best way to do this is by creating great products, and offering them at an affordable price. That’s what we do here at Cnvc!

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